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Enquiries by email

For those who are thinking about LASIK and have any questions, please provide the information requested below.

*All information must be provided
*Our website uses SSL to ensure that any information provided is kept secure.

Please check your email domain settings to ensure that our clinic's confirmation email is not blocked and reaches your mailbox. Our clinic's email will be shown as
Please understand that not all people are suitable for refractive treatment.
Our clinic may not be able treat those with the following history of/current health conditions, medication, over 70 yrs old, currently pregnant or nursing:

◎ Medical History
High blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, heart disease
◎ Current medication
Steroids, immunosuppressant drugs, anticoagulants or antiplatelet medication (prevents blood clotting)

*All information must be provided

*First / Given Name:
eg: John
*Last / Family Name:
eg: Smith
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